About the Journal

Corey Hall

Corey Hall, Editor

Expressions From Englewood celebrates the contributions of people living, working, and/or going to school in the community. While the focus is Englewood, the submission process is open to all!

The theme for Expressions From Englewood VII is “RE: Solutions…From Your Roots!”

The first thought prompter, Resolution, asks that you reflect on an external conflict that troubles you. These opposing parties may be in your house, your neighborhood, another city, or another country. Beyond stating what the problem is and where it may have originated, discuss how you would like to resolve this conflict. What good do you see coming from this resolution? Also, what concrete steps would you like to take now to make this wish come true?

The second thought prompter, From Your Roots, asks you to examine your…self. What makes you…you? Try this to get the thoughts pumping: Draw a symbolic blood sample from your body, where your heart, soul, and roots reside. Examine everything. What warms your soul, your blood, with happiness? Also, what makes your blood run cold with despair? What positive and/or negative events from your past, your upbringing, your roots, make you who you are today?

The current issue of Expressions from Englewood–in addition to select back issues–is available for preview and purchase through Amazon.com. For more information, or to submit to volume seven, please contact the journal’s editor, Corey Hall.

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